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Paulyn Canamaso.

BWO Ambassador.

I am a BWO ambassador because I see God in the vision BWO has for every missions trip they have. That BWO seeks to work with other missionaries and local churches who have established relationships in these countries. That BWO seeks to bring the love and grace of Jesus Christ to the people being served through these missions trips! I also love their staff because they prayed with & for me leading up to the trips, actually I know that they still pray for me even after the trips. Most importantly, I want to encourage anyone who maybe on the fence about going… That God is good and faithful, and that your calling into the missions field is real so stop doubting God and yourself. FOLLOW GOD!


I think the ambassadors of BWO will collectively tell you that God will provide whatever it is that you will need going into a missions trip. Whether that is money, courage, faith, boldness, emotional stability, talent, words to speak… WHATEVER is needed will be supplied by our God. Each of us are in different seasons and have different experiences but for me as a single person, one thing I have learned is that my life is valuable now as a single person. That now is the time for me to obey God’s calling into international missions and I don’t have to wait until I’m engaged or married or with someone. There’s so much purpose into living your life for God as a single person!


My testimonies about fundraising: One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome with both my Uganda and Costa Rica trips is raising money. For Uganda, I decided to pay my own way by saving money and cutting on unnecessary expenses. But guess what? That wasn’t God’s plan and he told me to start talking to people not only to raise money but also to increase awareness of the work I will be doing in Uganda. God told me that I need to give other people the opportunity to sow into his kingdom and that was difficulty because I don’t know about you but I don’t like asking people for money.


The first month was a dead end and I was getting concerned about meeting financial deadlines but the more I spoke to people, the more they listened and became willing to give. Soon enough, money started coming in and EVERY person I spoke to gave to the missions trip. People were still giving me money days before the trip and I could only thank God for giving me the instruction and the boldness to follow him!


In Costa Rica, raising money was taken up several notches because not only was it me going on the trip but six other girls from my church. So we would meet regularly and planned fundraising events but I didn’t know how it would all come together. It took all of the girls’ faith to believe that God will cover all our trips but it also took all of our courage to pray and talk to people about our trip to Jaco. Weeks before the trip, we were all told that our trips are covered! Now, I always remind myself that God called us to faith and not to fear!


If you are thinking about going on a mission trip…Do it! I was afraid too… in many ways whether it’s raising enough money or getting along with people in my team or being too uncomfortable but the risk is really in not going because not only is it disobedience to God but also a disservice to yourself and what God has in store for you in one or many of these BWO missions trips. I love missions because it is in the heart of God. He created missions so that his children could partner with him in extending his love to those NOT YET in his family so they could be a part of it. For me, what better way to obey God than to share his heart for missions!


     Paulyn Canamaso


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