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Dr Scott Mays.

BWO Ambassador.

A man was walking on a beach in Mexico the morning after a tropical storm with all kinds of shells and sea life having washed ashore. The man as he walked saw a figure in the distance. As he approached...

Does Jesus love children? Of course he does!!! Matthew 19 tells us about Jesus wanting to hug the children and pray over them. And as he rebuked his disciples for hindering children from coming to him, He said "for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these". Jesus didn't just loves children, but widows, mothers and fathers, grandparents, people of different races, different beliefs and different backgrounds.(You know the song!)


When we visit other countries like Africa in the towns and the villages.. What is so different about them? The people don't have electricity or running water (neither did Jesus), but the people are just like you and me. They want to be loved. They need food and water, medical care, and a place to call home. They need a Savior. That's why I travel on mission trips, two opportunities were with Believers World Outreach to Uganda, to help reach out to the medical needs of the people we meet in Jesus name. Sometimes their poverty can overwhelm you, but just take a moment and look into the eyes of a child. Sometimes all they need is a hand to hold and a smile, like Jesus did. And sometimes a dumdum sucker. If you've never seen a child unwrap a sucker and put it in their mouth for the first time, it is PRICELESS.


Depending on what world source you believe, a child dies every 6 to 10 seconds from a preventable disease, malnutrition, or the effects of civil war. EVERY TEN SECONDS!  These missionary trips with BWO will not stop poverty, will not prevent malnutrition, but will change these statistics... one child at a time...Or one father, or one mother, or one grandparent!


And the man walking on the beach?. He finally got closer and saw a man who looked like he was throwing something back into the ocean. As he approached he saw hundreds, maybe thousands of starfish lying on the sand. The man was picking up one starfish at a time and with all his might, throw in as far as he could back into the ocean. The tourist asked "do you really think that you are making a difference with all of these thousands of starfish that of washed up on the beach?"


The man picked up another starfish and turned to his new friend and said "It matters to this one!" and threw the starfish as far as he could back into the water… That's why I am an Ambassador for Jesus Christ and Believers World Outreach...



                                                                                                                                                                                                            Scott Mays MD


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