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Shawn & Becky Gay.

BWO Ambassadors

We are BWO Ambassadors because we have been bountifully blessed by going on short term missions with BWO as a family and love to share about our experience. We have five children who were aged 12 to 3 the first time God inspired us to go on a mission trip.


Serving together as a family bonded us in a way that no other church activity has ever done. Stepping away from our busy lives that pulls us in a million directions and allowing God to use us as an open vessel to show his LOVE is more powerful than words can express. We see our kids use their unique gifts to reach out to other kids in a 2 way exchange that seems to richly bless all involved. Even my youngest with her purity of heart and innocence eased the way for many a frightened child or even the crustiest old man.  As a parent, there probably isn’t a more proud moment than watching your child pray with another child to bring Jesus into their heart. My husband and I are not very evangelically gifted but more administrative and service gifted so organizing behind the scenes and facilitating projects was very fulfilling for us. Watching how God put together Christian people from all over into a cohesive team that served with a common purpose is so powerful! Seeing young adults on our team mentor our kids and form lasting relationships was an unexpected blessing. 


Since doing a couple BWO mission trips, our family is so much more mission-minded at home in reaching out to those less fortunate. And our children see the world as a much smaller place and have open hearts for people from other cultures. We passionately feel that doing missions as a family is an amazing experience that will forever change you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Shawn & Becky Gay


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