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Scholarship Application

Brooke's Legacy.

Brooke Brown was a BWO missionary who went on our Costa Rica mission trip in 2015. At the young age of 16, she boldly took a tremendous step out of her comfort zone to travel to a foreign country and share the love of Jesus with those who desperately needed it. It was during that time that Brooke drew closer to God and was baptized in the ocean on the shores of Costa Rica. She went home with her life completely changed by the Holy Spirit. Brooke passed away unexpectedly at the age of 18, but as she left this world, her last thoughts and actions were of others and sharing the love of Jesus with all those who God put in her path. 


In honor of Brooke, her family set up a nonprofit called, "Song of a Butterfly," which has the mission to raise funds for youth between the ages of 15 and 21 and provide them with the financial support to afford the opportunity to go on a mission trip with BWO. It is their desire to have youth experience that deeper walk with Jesus that Brooke discovered on her mission trip and to have their lives transformed. 


We invite you to "Be Brooke Bold" and apply for this scholarship as the first step towards saying "Yes!" to Jesus' call on your heart to share the love of Jesus around the world! 

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  1. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be between the age of 15 and 21 and have limited financial resources to afford the cost of a mission trip. 

  2. Scholarship decisions will be based on the information provided on the application, funds available, and the amount of personal support raised.

  3. Scholarships cannot be received as cash or given directly to an individual. Payment will be paid to Believers World Outreach on your behalf.

  4. Scholarships are not redeemable for a future trip.

  5. All funding is contingent upon the availability of designated funds for a calendar year.

  6. Scholarships will pay up to 50% of the cost of the mission trip, with the balance of the funding to be paid by the applicant through personal funds or fundraising. All applicants are expected to participate in fundraising opportunities.

  7. Eligible participants applying for the scholarship must first demonstrate a willingness to participate in personal fundraising.

  8. Scholarships are awarded as part of the final payment toward the trip.

  9. Applicants may request a scholarship once per calendar year.

  10. Applicants must complete the application for the scholarship.

  11. Complete the following application: Provide information, as you feel comfortable. Our goal is not to intrude on anyone’s personal lives, but rather to disburse the limited funding that is available in the most equitable manner. The more information you provide, the easier our funding decision will be.

  12. After you complete your application, we will email you an online form for you to send to someone who you would like to write a reference to support you.

  13. Within two weeks following the mission trip, the applicant will have the privilege of writing a testimony of the trip, how the trip impacted the lives of the people encountered, and how the trip impacted his/her life.

  14. If payment is made and the trip is cancelled or you are not able to participate, the scholarship will not be redeemable toward your next trip. The scholarship will be re-evaluated at that time and subject to funds availability.

  15. DEADLINES: Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than 6 weeks prior to the departure date of the mission trip you are applying for.


Once your application has been processed, you can expect a phone call from a BWO staff member to check in with you and answer any questions. You will also receive an email with the online letter to submit for your reference.

The Brooke Brown Scholarship has closed for BWO's 2019 mission trips.
We will reopen the application in the Spring 2020.

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