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Special 15th Anniversary Information for BWO!

When You Give God Your “What ifs” …

When one newlywed couple gave their “What ifs” to God 15 years ago, God formed a unique undertaking that would be shared around the world.

“What if” people of all ages and different Christ-focused backgrounds were included? “What if” individuals from all over the United States and even beyond, could go? “What if” the team members could utilize their individual God-given gifts and talents to minister to others?

These were some of the “What ifs” that Debbie and Mark Tiestsort gave to Jesus in prayer 15 years ago. From those whispers on their heart, God answered with the formation of Believers World Outreach with the mission to:

"Fuel people's passion for Jesus and equip them to make a lasting impact in the nations!"

In a time where a high majority of nonprofits don’t survive to 10 years, BWO is grateful to be entering its 15th year! Praise Jesus for how He has used this ministry to share His story of salvation and multiply God’s kingdom!

What started as “What ifs” became answered prayers that led over 2,000 missionaries who followed God’s call to over 10 countries on more than 75 different mission trips in the span of 15 years of loving people past their limits and sharing the Gospel in many different and unique ways – resulting in countless numbers of lives impacted and transformed. All this done by the power of THE ONE TRUE GOD!

Over 30 of those missionaries who have gone on a BWO mission trip have been called to full-time mission work and currently reside in countries around the world. Thousands of others have been forever changed as a result of obeying God’s call to go and are missionaries each day in their own communities.

BWO is all about the needs that exist in the target country. We want to love people and help build a Christ-centered community everywhere we go. Working closely with the missionaries already in the country, we create a custom game plan for ministry in that specific location. Then, we connect the dots between the gifts and skills of willing people (like you) to meet those needs. We want to create an unforgettable experience for the people, the churches that work with us, the missionaries, and you.

Celebrate BWO’s 15th year and join us in a life-changing mission trip! Become a part of the BWO family and get the chance to meet your brothers and sisters in Christ as you surrender to God’s call and take Jesus into places around the world to people who have never had the opportunity to hear about the Greatest Gift! – The Gift of Jesus and His Salvation for their lives!

Give God your “What ifs” today and discover a deeper relationship with Jesus as you help save lives for His Glory - all by simply saying “Yes” to Him!

*As part of our 15th Anniversary Celebration, we would like to make a special offer to all those missionaries who have previously gone on a BWO mission trip! Any BWO Alumni will receive $100 off any mission trip to Costa Rica, Uganda, South Africa, or Nepal in 2018! Thank you for being a special part of the BWO Family!

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