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"Fueling people's passion for Jesus and equipping them to make a lasting impact in the nations!"

Our mission.

Believers World Outreach is dedicated to facilitating mission trips for individuals, church groups and ministries that desire a deeper walk with Jesus.


BWO mission trips are designed to utilize your unique blend of gifts, talents, skills, personality, background, and life experiences on the mission field.


We have strategically designed our trips to incorporate many different areas of ministry to fully express who you have been born to be: a child of God, loving all kinds of people, from all kinds of places, who have all kinds of needs.  The needs in each community speak to the injustice that runs rampant in our world.  We at BWO believe you were created with a specific purpose to bring justice to the unloved, ignored, and undervalued.  We are passionate about the mandate of God for your life and how that connects to the ministry of Justice.   


BWO is all about the needs that exist in the target country. We want to love people and help build a Christ-centered community everywhere we go. Working closely with the missionaries already in the country, we create a custom game plan for ministry in that specific location. Then, we connect the dots between the gifts and skills of willing people (like you) to meet those needs. We want to create an unforgettable experience for the people, the churches that work with us, the missionaries, and you.

A God kind of Justice.


We at BWO, are passionate about the mandate of God and the ministry of Justice.  True biblical justice speaks of loving the poor, orphans, immigrants, refugees, and prisoners (Psalm 82:3), continuing all the way back to restoring the broken things in our own lives (Psalm 139:23-24).  To seek Justice starts by stopping the agenda of our souls and asking God to check our hearts, “Lord, show me the areas in my own life of injustice, unforgiveness, and judgment against others”.  We must be reliant on God to lead us in loving the weak and destitute for “he leads the humble in justice. (Psalm 25:9). 


We are inspired to move forward in the ministry of Justice by completely abiding in Him.  It is only through His presence in our lives that we can step out and trust Him to move through us.  Only then are we able to love people past our own limits! 

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