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"BWO has a powerful year ahead of us!!! We have all been forever changed because of BWO's founder and "Missions Mama" Debbie and her love for Jesus! If there was one thing Debbie would say to us it would be to “KEEP GOING! IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!” BWO has never been about a person or personality. It has been, and will continue to be, about Jesus and His undying, relentless love for us and those who don’t yet know Him. For this foremost reason, BWO Will Keep Going!"   
- Mark Tietsort (BWO president) & BWO Board of Directors


The 2019 Living Your Legacy campaign is all about the continuation work of Jesus as we carry out His love into a world that needs Him most. It is also our heart to take the baton that Debbie Tietsort (founder) so beautifully passed down to all of us. Because of her "yes" to God and this ministry, we now have a family of over 2,000 missionaries, seeds that have been planted and flourished in over 10 countries for 15 years, and a passion in our hearts to keep going. We want to focus on what we're living each day and what we are leaving behind. We firmly believe our best days as an organization are in front of us and it is our desire to live out God's legacy in every nation we step foot in. Let's continue this great work!


Ways you can get involved..

Apply for a Scholarship!
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Brooke Brown Scholarship

In honor of Brooke, her family set up a nonprofit called, "Song of a Butterfly," which has the mission to raise funds for youth between the ages of 15 and 21 and provide them with the financial support to afford the opportunity to go on a mission trip with BWO. It is their desire to have youth experience that deeper walk with Jesus that Brooke discovered on her mission trip and to have their lives transformed. 

We invite you to "Be Brooke Bold" and apply for this scholarship as the first step towards saying "Yes!" to Jesus' call on your heart to share the love of Jesus around the world! 

Get up to 50% of your trip cost covered through

this scholarship opportunity!

Become a BWO Ambassador

Ambassador Program

It's a huge desire of ours to pour back into our BWO family and see them step deeper into leadership. We know that there is a great call on each of their lives and we just want to be able to create the resources needed to expand the purpose that God has written out for them. In the ambassador program, you are the representative and face of BWO at your church or in your community. You will have the opportunity to lead a team from your city and join us on a missions trip for free. 

  • Receive resources to be the liaison for BWO missions wherever you go (we will provide banners, flyers, etc.)

  • Lead a team and prepare together for your upcoming missions trip

  • Be a mentor and lead in discipleship meetings through encouragement and prayer

Bring 3 people with you on the mission trip and get HALF your trip cost paid for! 


Bring 4 (or more) people with you on the mission trip and get a FREE mission trip!  

Alumni & Volunteer Discounts

Volunteer & Alumni Discounts

We need help in spreading the word! You can volunteer for BWO through a variety of ways! We will apply trip discounts for those who are willing to have a "Missions Moment" at your church or in your small group, and share your testimony about how God worked in your life through a mission trip with us. Or, if you want to volunteer at any missions event at your church and share the BWO missions trips, that is a great way to get your church plugged into missions! Also if you are a BWO alumni, we have discounts for your future trips as well! 

Receive $50 trip discount for each service or volunteer event you help with (up to a max of $300).

BWO alumni receive a $150 discount off any mission trip of their choice!

Mentorship + Discipleship

Become a Mentor and Start a Discipleship Group

Sharpen your gifts and talents and push past your comfort zone through mentoring and discipling a small group. Bring a group of people with you from your church or small group. We're so excited for you to be able to mentor and disciple those who are on the journey with you to experience a life-changing mission trip. 

BWO staff will provide you with the devotionals, training videos, and resources you will need to grow and equip you to lead your group.


Bring 3 people with you on the mission trip and get HALF your trip cost paid for! 


Bring 4 (or more) people with you on the mission trip and get a FREE mission trip!  

Become a BWO Intern

Internship Program

Do you have a heart for missions and want to see the in's and out's of this ministry? As an intern, you will get the inside look at what it takes to be a missionary and run a missions organization. You will also work closely with BWO staff who will help you sharpen your gifts and talents. Join us on a term-basis or fall/summer/winter/spring terms. We can be flexible with your schedule! Here are some of the tasks for the internship positions: 

  • Help update social media accounts and engage with our friends online

  • Help design marketing campaigns

  • Share about your experience over the phone with people who are interested in the trip you went to

  • Make encouragement calls to check in with current team members

  • Be a part of leading a team on the missions field

  • Help plan ministry projects

  • Assist in packing ministry bags

mission trip of your choice! 

Become a BWO Partner

Become a Partner

Whether it's through giving, prayer, or partnering our missions ministry with your church, we'd love to lock arms with you. God is on the move to expand and multiply this ministry! We just can't wait to see how He will use you!

BWO has a wide variety of partnerships, from organizations that help make blankets for us to take to orphans around the world, to churches that help set up booths and informational meetings for our mission trips. If you have an organization that wants to serve alongside us and glorify God, we would love to chat with you! 

C O M E   J O I N   T H E   J O U R N E Y

Chat with our BWO staff & family.


Want more info on a specific trip?

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