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Huesne Daglioglu.

BWO Ambassador.

Hello Everyone! My name is Huesne Daglioglu and I am so glad you are checking out this website! I remember, when I first stopped by here. I was critical and nervous and asked myself, “Do they have the same love for Jesus as I do?”.  Well, after just one phone call I found out. They sure do! 


I experienced two amazing mission trips with BWO, and really hope I can make it to many more in the near future. Not only did I meet beautiful people on these trips who became so close to my heart, but we also share the same love of our Jesus.


I went on these trips thinking I would help and encourage people, but little did I know, the people of these countries were actually the ones who poured into my life with their beautiful smiles, big hearts and loving personalities. They easily open up to you and trust you with their life stories as well as listen to what you have on your heart.


I wanted to become a BWO ambassador because I had unbelievable experiences on BWO Missions and I wanted everyone to get out there and see what I am talking about! These trips have changed me…in many ways. My love for Jesus, people and the creation (nature) of the creator blossomed just like a beautiful yellow flower. 


If you are interested in going and you want to hear more, I would be more than happy to go back to memory lane and tell you everything. Please feel free to contact me! 



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